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Web To Print: A Case Study In Saving Money

Web To Print

A customer recently decided to utilize our Web To Print solution for their business cards. The original goal was to reduce the cost of the cards. they quickly realized a Web To Print solution could provide even more valuable savings by revolutionizing their entire ordering process.

Promotional advertising works even when you're doing laundry

Promotional advertising

 The advertising giant BBDO West recently teamed up with Goodwill and Levi's to promote the message of recycling used clothing.

Envelope printing; want to save some real money?


I was throwing away an envelope the other day and the postmark made me stop; the postage was $0.83; not that big of a deal if I was the only one receiving the letter but it was a form letter that probably went to thousands of people. $0.83 multiplied by thousands turns into real money pretty quick.

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