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Effective promotions and incentives increase traffic and create sales for your business by compelling customers and prospects to act. Effective promotions when combined with the multiple delivery channels available today can provide exponential returns on your marketing dollars. Whether combined with mobile marketing, your existing website, trade shows and special events, or good old fashioned direct mail, an effective promotion can provide dramatic results.

An effective promotion might include a gift with purchase, a reward for taking a specific action, a chance to win a prize, anything that compels a customer or prospect to act. It’s been shown over and over that people will act if there is a reward or potential reward for their action. An effective promotion allows your business to offer that incentive to act at very low cost creating a much higher return on investment. The companies featured below are just a few who use promotion and incentive solutions to grow their business.


Effective Promotions Case Studies
Dataguide offers promotions with proven effectiveness in B2B marketing, website marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, and consumer marketing

Business and Consumer Promotions / Incentives

B2B & B2C Marketing

Enjoy response rates between 15% - 20% vs the standard
1% - 2% and reduce your cost per response by 100%

Sales incentive programs

Referral programs

Appointment generation programs


Web, Social, and Mobile PromotionsWebsite Traffic, Mobile & Social Media

Turn website visitors into leads and sales

Capture data to use in future marketing initiatives

Loyalty programs

Instant text and email programs



Consumer Promotions and IncentivesConsumer Marketing

Gift with purchase programs

Prize Pad, iPad based chance to win programs for special events

Customer retention programs