EXPO Document Holder

The EXPO document holder is the perfect document holder for any industry. It's a great opportunity to advertise your business while offering a compact folder to organize important documents.

Dataguides premier EXPO organizer is a custom document holder  with optional custom tab inserts for packaging  documents. The optional internal tabbed folders or tab inserts are printed with your required information. 

The EXPO document holder is available in our legal and letter sizes and can be completely customized for any organization.

Your EXPO document holder  will give your clients or event attendees the perfect way to organize loose documents, booklets, forms, brochures and business cards. 


Document Holder 


Banking and Insurance industries can advertise services while keeping their customers essential documents in one document holder. Services such as bank accounts, credit cards, loans and even real estate information can be properly stored in their own tabbed folders or tab inserts making it easy for the customers to find.




Document Holder  


An EXPO document holder is useful for student orientation at public and private schools, colleges and universities. Students and parents will appreciate having their necessary documents all in one place. The EXPO document holder will be a great organizational tool during your students valuable years at your institution. Customizing the EXPO document holder with your schools identity is a great marketing tool.


Document Holder 




EXPO document holders are a great option for employee information. Keep important documents employees will need in perfect order using custom tabbed folders or tab inserts. Employees can keep the EXPO document holders filed in their desk drawers or bookcases. It's an attractive document holder your employees will appreciate.


Document Holder


Relocating can be a challenging transition. Make it easier by utilizing an EXPO document holder to keep contracts, services and important directories all in one place. An EXPO document holder is a great resource for those who are new to an area and need help with settling in. Custom design your  EXPO document holder to make it a promotional piece and generate new clients. 




Document Holder


Use an EXPO document holder for special events or for members of organizations and clubs. Custom create a toolkit to file useful paperwork.

The possibilities are limitless. Organize and present tax documents. Use a document holder as a media kit or product information kit.

An EXPO document holder is a unique and professional way to organize multiple documents for any use while promoting services to existing or potential clients.