Day Planners

Day Planners

One of the least expensive ways to make sure your brand stays in front of clients and prospects every day of the year is with custom day planners. Dataguide provides day planners in many sizes with numerous options including choice of cover stock and optional industry specific pages at incredible prices. Choose leatherette covers in either full size 8 1/2 x 11 or a compact size 7 x 10. Add your own custom title page to highlight important information, and the services you offer. You can even add your logo and company name to each calendar page of the book (additional charges may apply).


         Day Planners 

Our standard weekly day planners come with over a hundred calendar pages and multiple optional pages you can use  to customize the day planners to meet your specific needs. Standard day planners include the following; area code listing for the entire country (alphabetic and numeric), mini calendar / personal information sheet, 12 full page month at a glance calendar grids, a look ahead calendar for the following year and an important event and phone number chart.


Planner-Book_TX-NationalCustom day planners are especially popular in the real estate industry and Dataguide has numerous pre-designed options to make your day planners even more effective. 

Customized intro page front and back, optional full color available

Choice of hard or soft cover

Data tables and specially designed real estate pages (on select styles)

Important event and phone number chart

12 full page month at a glance calendar grids

Mid December of the previous year at the front to mid January of the following year at the back


Day PlannersA look ahead calendar of the following year

Monthly expense summary for all 12 months

Vehicle service records (2 pages)

Address and contact pages

Built in page marker that tucks in to mark your place (on select styles)

Area code listings for the entire country alphabetic and numeric

Wrap around or two piece covers available when you choose the leatherette cover option

Various colors of leatherette material available