Free Guide: 3 Ways Discharge Folders Help Reduce Hospital Admissions

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dataguide 3 ways discharge folders help reduce hospital readmissions

Hospital Discharge Folder Helps Reduce Re-Admissions

Medicare reports that preventable hospital readmissions cost in excess of 17 Billion dollars annually. Penalties and fines to hospitals with excessive readmission rates approached 300 million dollars last year with the average fine over $100,000. Clearly this is an expensive problem but the good news is there are inexpensive steps hospitals can take immediately to improve care and reduce readmissions.

Numerous studies identify improved patient education and a better discharge process as key components in reducing avoidable readmissions. Simple steps such as improving communication between the hospital, the patient, the patient's family, and the patient's primary doctor can have an immediate impact and start to bring down costs. Implementing an inexpensive discharge folder that provides clear instructions in an organized fashion is a simple solution to an expensive and complex problem.

A well designed discharge folder improves patient communication by keeping all critical discharge information in one place, and organizing it in an easy to understand manner. Features such as a Velcro closure, business card sleeves, expansion capability, durable construction, and custom tabs allows the discharge folder to become a portable records organizer the patient can carry with them to all necessary follow up appointments.

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Patient Discharge Folders Help Improve HCAHPS Scores

The HCAHPS survey is the first nationally standardized, publicly reported survey of patient's perspectives of hospital care. The composite scores of the HCAHPS surveys have a 30% impact on overall hospital reimbursements so scoring well on the survey is critical for hospitals to maintain market share and avoid losing reimbursements.

Communication and education are critical in increasing patient involvement in their care and satisfaction with the final outcome, a properly designed discharge folder is an effective and inexpensive way to continue communicating and educating patients after they leave the hospital.

Patients can easily be overwhelmed at discharge with numerous instructions and important paperwork that is key to ongoing recovery. A professional discharge folder makes the process less confusing, more convenient and easier to understand. It also ensures the patient has a clear plan to ensure ongoing recovery.

An inexpensive discharge folder can include numerous features to improve overall satisfaction. Features such as:

Labeled tab dividers to organize all aspects of the discharge plan from nutrition to follow up appointments and contact information.

Durable construction and a Velcro closure create a portable kit for easy transport to follow up appointments.

Business card sleeves for important and familiar contact information and CD sleeves for X-rays or prescription forms all in the same place.

Hospital branding and important phone numbers printed right on the discharge folder create a professional presentation and help the folder stand out and be remembered when it comes time to answer the discharge questions on the HCAHPS survey.

Discharge Folder | Discharge Folders

Getting discharged from the hospital can be a confusing and difficult process particularly when the patient has undergone a difficult procedure. A discharge folder that includes all the important information the patient will need to ensure a quick recovery can make a big difference in the patients overall satisfaction.

Keeping patients educated and informed about their care improves overall outcomes, a discharge folder allows you to continue keeping the patient educated and informed well after they've left the hospital.

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dataguide 3 ways discharge folders help reduce hospital readmissions