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Magazines, journals, catalogs, periodicals, brochures: many different names for multiple page printed pieces.    They come in many names.  Dataguide is your expert source for all of them. 
Our goal as your print resource is very simple: to match the specific details of your print job with the low cost brochure printers that have the right print equipment to produce the quality you expect at the lowest possible cost.  
Trust Dataguide to manage the many factors come into play that affect the cost of  producing multi page custom print jobs.   These include quantity/run length; distribution channel and schedule; number of print colors involved; page count; size and specifications of finished piece; etc.   We use our extensive resources and knowledge of the print business to match your job with the correct low cost brochure printers that have the  equipment best suited to producing it.    We manage the process for you, from start to finish, from prepress to delivery or mail.  
Contact Dataguide today to get started on your catalog, magazine, journal, or brochure.    We're the right choice.