Custom Document Folders, promote your professional image

Custom document folders are a perfect way to keep your name in front of clients and prospects, present the professional image you want,  and provide a constant reminder of the products or services you provide. Ideal for warranty information, ownership documents, service contracts, travel papers, tax documents, real estate documents, or any other business related documents you provide to customers.

Custom document folders are available in numerous sizes and configurations pick the options that work best for you.

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Custom Document Folders, product information and templates

Custom Document Folder Wallet Style Folders available in various sizes

#01-01 4 1/2  x 10 1/4      #02-01 6 x 9 7/8

#01-02 4 x 9 1/4                #07-01 2 1/2 x 4

This versatile folder features a sealed pocket and wallet style flap


Custom Document Folders 

Tuck tab document folder

 #01-04   4 1/4 x 9

 Unique tuck tab hold folder closed


Custom Document Folders 


Wallet style expansion portfolio 

 #02-11  6 x 9 7/8

 Ideal for large manuals and bulky service information. This item ships with the gusset pushed out


Custom Document Folder 



Four Pocket folder

#45-01   4 x 9 1/4

Perfect for holding travel documents, Itineraries, passports and more.



Custom document folders 


Receipt Holder

#04-01   3 3/4 x 7

Great for bank and financial receipts



Custom document folders 

One-Pocket Folder
06-01    4" x 9 1/4"
Great for holding important documents, travel tickets and itineraries.




Pull out document folders

Custom document folders     Documents slide easily into this folder. Perfect for holding report cards, licenses or library cards.

Comes in various sizes

#19-01 2 1/2 x 31/2  

#19-02   5 x 7 1/4 

#19-03  5 x 7 1/4 

#19-04   6 1/4 x 9