Real Estate Document Folders

For title companies, settlement companies, attorney’s, real estate brokers, mortgage companies, and anyone else involved in real estate transactions, real estate document folders are a perfect tool to promote your brand. Think about it for most people buying a home is the biggest and most complicated purchase they’ll ever make, for all the work and effort you put into making this a smooth process, a real estate document folder is a simple inexpensive way to remind them of the services you offer well after the transaction is complete.

Real Estate Document Folders

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Real estate closings generate lots of documents, often in both legal and letter sizes; a good closing folder has plenty of room to accommodate all the documents and is designed for easy organization. Some title and settlement companies or brokers try to use a standard two pocket folder as a closing folder but they don’t have enough capacity and thus become an overflowing mess of disorganized papers instead of valuable organizational tool. To get the most out or your real estate document folders or closing folders incorporate the following features:

Real estate closings are complicated, there are all kinds of documents to be signed; they’re all important, and need to be kept for a long time. From smoke alarm certifications, truth in lending statements, purchase and sale agreements, to the all-important mortgage documents, a client can easily end up with over a hundred pages of important documents to hold onto, real estate document folders, or closing folders provide a perfect package for these important papers.Real estate document folders come in numerous formats and serve many purposes from presentation folders used to market your services and promote what you do to transaction organizers to help keep track on the entire process from beginning to end, but goal of all these folders is to promote your business and provide a lasting reminder of the services you offer. The closing folder or home records organizer is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to do this because it provides an organized package the client will hold onto years after the sale is complete.

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  • Sturdy design that will last. The buyer will hold onto these important papers for years you want to give them a package that will last and looks as good years later as it does the day you give it to them. Remember the folder represents your brand you want it to look as good years from now when they start thinking about their next transaction as it does the day you give it to them at the closing.
  • Capacity to handle all the material they need without bursting at the seams. A quality closing folder may be used over and over as the client makes improvements to their home and wants to keep all the records in the same place.
  • Flap and closure system to keep everything securely in place; think of it as a long lasting package for all their important real estate documents and something they’ll refer to over and over.
  • Organizational dividers or folders, so they end up with an organizational tool instead of a mess of disorganized documents and they can find what they need when they need it.
  • Business card sleeves to highlight your contact information when they go to give a referral or begin thinking about their next transaction.
  • A professional design that best promotes your brand and presents the image and corporate identity you want.
Real Estate Document Folders  Real Estate Document Folders
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Real Estate Closing Folders Real Estate Closing Folders
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Real Estate Closing Folders Real Estate Closing Folders
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Dataguide specializes in providing real estate document folders and closing folders to title and settlement companies as well as other companies involved in real estate transactions. We can work with you to create a simple folder to cover just the basics, to a full blown closing folder with all the bells and whistles, we can even include a USB flash drive sleeve for those that want to provide both paper and electronic versions of the closing douments.

These are attractive and functional real estate document holders your clients will appreciate. Order yours today!