Tri-Fold Brochures

Tri Fold Brochures Tri fold brochures or slim Jim's as some people call them are a great way to promote your brand and spread your message. Tri fold brochures are inexpensive, portable, customizable and effective. Tri fold brochures come in different sizes, can be printed on almost any paper stock, can have special features such as tear off coupons or mini pockets, and are one of the best ways to provide information to your customers and prospects.

Advances in digital printing technology have changed the face of tri fold brochures. In the old days a high quality tri fold brochure printed in 4 colors on both sides was very expensive unless it was produced in fairly large quantity. With todays digital printing technology high quality four color tri fold brochures can be produced in very small quantities at very reasonable prices. Another huge advantage of being able to order in small quantities is that you never have to worry about obsolete stock, just order what you need when you need it, use it up, and make changes before replenishing your stock. You can even create a different tri fold brochure to promote a different product or service every month.

There are hundreds of way a business can use tri fold brochures to provide information to customers and prospects while maintaining corporate branding standards and promoting their image.

Tri Fold Brochures

A quick reference guide to people and services

A schedule of fees and prices

A special promotion that includes a tear off coupon

A listing of office locations and contact information

A program for events and seminars

a list of sponsors or partners and their contact information

A pocket sized how to guide

A simple list of products and services

Sell sheet to be left behind on sales calls

A complete outline of features and benefits offered by your company

A discount promotion that drives traffic to your website where you can capture additional information

There's almost no limit to the ways in which you can use a tri fold brochure to promote your business and direct your message. Tri fold brochures are a low cost, high quality, way to keep your name in front of customers and prospects and these days name recognition and brand awareness are more important than ever.

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Tri Fold Brochures

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