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Desk Pad Calendar

A desk pad calendar is an impressive way to guarantee your brand and company contact information stays in front of clients and prospects every day of the year. Dataguide has developed a desk pad calendar program that gives you a better, higher impact, desktop calendar that includes 4 color printing, at a lower price than most vendors charge for a two color desktop calendar.

If you're going to invest in a desk pad calendar as a way to promote your company, then make sure to get the best return on investment with the desk pad calendar program from Dataguide. All industries can make an impact with their customers by creating a stylish desk pad calendar.

Desk Pad Calendar
We offer multiple sizes and configurations to accommodate your desk pad calendar order. The standard desk pad calendar includes 12 monthly pages but additional pages can be added at a minimal cost. Select one of Dataguide's standard desk pad calendar grids, then customize around it to create a professional business desk pad calendar that promotes your company all year round. The desk pad calendar shown on the right uses one of our grids with the top and right areas in full color. The colorful design stands out on a desk making your company more memorable.

Each desk pad calendar comes mounted on a heavy duty cardboard backer with heavy duty plastic corners to hold the monthly pages in place.

Header Style Desk Pad Calendar

The example below shows our popular header style desk pad calendar. The top portion of the calendar is a separate piece from the calendar pages. The calendar pages tear off from the perforated line just below the header art. This desk pad calendar style is an affordable option to print your custom desk pad calendar details in full color. Choose from two calendar grid designs in a large or small format.

Desk Pad Calendar

Desk Pad Calendar Features

Our desk pad calendars include the following features:

  • Full Color Options AvailableDesk Pad Calendar
  • Choice of Start and End Months
  • Large, easy to read days and dates
  • Option to add note lines within the
    day/date boxes
  • Generous imprint space for your logos, addresses, and other custom copy
  • Option to print your custom copy outside the
    imprint area – add a background "phantom" image or a border
  • Rotating mini calendars for an easy reference of past and future months
  • Overall calendar size: 22" x 17"
  • Vinyl Corners
  • Cardboard Backer
  • Glued on Top Edge (Standard Desk Pad Calendar)

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