Document Holder for Credit Unions and Banks

The EXPO or HeRO document holder is the perfect document holder for the banking industry. These custom folders give banking professionals an organized way to present clients their filed paperwork in one holder.

The EXPO is constructed using one piece and expands to allow for papers to be easily inserted and removed. Our HeRO is similar but uses an accordion style expansion. The image below is an example of the HeRO with accordion expansions. Both document holder versions are a great option and can be designed to accommodate your
specific needs.

The EXPO and HeRO document holders are available in various sizes and can be completely designed to your
financial organization. 


Document Holder credit unions and banks 


Dataguides premier EXPO and HeRO organizer are custom document holders with optional custom tab inserts for packaging financial documents. The optional internal tabbed folders or tab inserts are printed with your required information. Customized tab sets will give your clients the perfect way to organize loose documents, booklets, forms, brochures and business card.




Financial documents for each category can be properly stored in their own tabbed folders or tab inserts making it easy for your clients to find them. Banking industries can also advertise services while keeping their clients essential paperwork in one document holder.

The services listed below are examples of how tabs can be labeled:

Document Holder credit unions and banks 



                        • Checking / Savings
                        • Loans / Credit Cards
                        • Investments
                        • Real Estate
                        • Insurance
                        • Business
                        • Other

An EXPO or HeRO document holder is a unique and professional way to organize multiple documents while promoting services to existing or potential clients. Turn the EXPO or HeRO document holder into a unique advertising tool by using your own financial organizations identity. A custom design of your   document holder will set you apart from your competition and can become your next marketing tool. The image below is a great example of how one credit union is using their brand to create a personalized document holder. The front and inside panels are simple yet direct while the back uses an image of their building. This allows the client to easily identify the document holder and can access their paperwork quickly.
Document Holder credit unions and banks

It's an attractive document holder your clients will appreciate. Order yours today!