Weekly Planner Appointment Books - keep the First American brand in each client's hand and mind - every day, all day, all year long


Custom weekly planner appointment books for as little as $2.89 each.

Available in Limited (Full color and Leatherette covers) and Premium (Full color cover only) book versions. Either way it's a great way to remind clients of the First American brand and the services you provide each and every day of the year.

Limited version includes 138 standard weight pages, approved branded color cover, and customization options. Leatherette cover consists of premium black Fibermark Sedona material with gold foil. The Premium version includes the same inside features plus 40 additional standard weight pages including expense registers, vehicle service records, and 5 different real estate data tracking forms. The premium version also includes 4 heavy duty pages for address / contact information and a unique heavy duty PageMarker at the back of the book.

Weekly Planner Appointment Books

Limited Version:    Color Cover: $2.89/ea       Leatherette Cover: $3.49/ea

Premium Version (Color Cover Only): $3.89/ea

  • Limited and premium versions available: 138 or 182 pages
  • First inside page in either version can be customized, List a single address (no proof sent) OR list multiple addresses (proof approval required) – Minimum of 100 books required for any customization on either version
  • Non-custom books available in a minimum quantity of 20 books (limited version only) 
  • Minimum quantity of 500 books required for Leatherette material orders
  • Order by September 1, 2009 to ensure 2009 delivery

Desk Pad Calendars - the ultimate can't miss desktop marketing tool

Full size Desk Pad Calendars - just $1.85 each for a 12-month calendar

High impact, full color desk pad calendars keep the First American brand in front of clients and partners all year long.

Choose from 2 corporate approved designs - Add your custom office information at the top, single or multiple locations and custom information; you decide - Add additional months for a small upcharge - completely custom full color desk size calendars for just $1.85 each, without a doubt the most effective and least expensive way to keep your brand in front of clients and partners all year long.


12-month 16 x 22" desk pad calendar with customizable imprint area at the top

$1.85 per calendar

Additional months available at $.16 per month

Minimum quantity: 100 calendars    Packed in cartons of 25 per box.

Quick navigating in Eagle Xpress

To find Dataguide and our products in Eagle Xpress, type calendars into the search box & then Click on Dataguide.

Dataguide's catalog in Eagle Xpress may look a little different than other suppliers listed.  You don't have to browse through our Eagle Xpress catalog to find what you want.  We want to save you time. Below are the items numbers you will find in Eagle Xpress.  Simply read below to find the correct item number and then locate that item number once you are in Eagle Xpress.

Weekly Planner Appointment Books:


Full color cover eagle design, no custom title page  - item FAABJ1P

Full color cover eagle design, with custom title page  - item FAABJ1AP

Leatherette cover (Sedona cover), with custom title page - item FAABJ1DCP


Full color cover eagle design, with custom title page - item FAABJ2P

Deskpad Calendar:

Eagle Design Version-              

          12 Month Calendar - item FADPCeagle12P

          13 Month Calendar - item FADPCeagle13P

          14 Month Calendar - item FADPCeagle14P

          15 Month Calendar - item FADPCeagle15P

          16 Month Calendar - item FADPCeagle16P

Flag Design Version-

12 Month Calendar - item FADPCflag12P

          13 Month Calendar - item FADPCflag13P

          14 Month Calendar - item FADPCflag14P

          15 Month Calendar - item FADPCflag15P

          16 Month Calendar - item FADPCflag16P

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