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Accordion Folders Generate Referrals For Remax Agents

Posted by Chris Higgins on Wed, Nov 3, 2010 @ 21:18 PM

Real estate is a tough business; the competition is everywhere and name recognition carries a lot of weight. Many consumers pick an agent based on how often they see the agent's sign in front of a house for sale.  The thinking is, if I see a lot of their signs they must sell a lot of houses, if they sell a lot of houses they must be good at it, so I'll hire them to sell mine.

Regardless of whether or not that sentiment is true many consumers make their decision to hire a Realtor based on name recognition and brand awareness. they figure the more they see their name and recognize the brand the more successful they must be. That's why signs are so valuable to Realtors and why signs stay up as long as possible, the more their signs are out there the greater the name recognition, and the better the chance they get hired to sell the next home.

REMAX agents use  accordion folders to kill two birds with one stone, they give their clients a useful gift that doubles as a referral generating marketing tool. The client gets a custom accordion folder to organize all the paperwork collected during the process, the REMAX agent gets a walking billboard that increases name recognition and brand awareness just like the signs placed in front of homes for sale.

          Accordion FolderAccordion folders are used in all kinds of industries, from banking to health care, to create an attractive and affordable document package. REMAX agents get even more bang for their buck when they turn an accordion folder into a walking billboard that promotes their brand and increases name recognition every where their customers go.

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