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Pocket Folders: Passport To A Better Life For Animals

Posted by Chris Higgins on Mon, Dec 20, 2010 @ 08:55 AM

Pocket folders come in many shapes and sizes and serve many purposes, The Humane Society of Silicon Valley uses a pocket folder to create a better life for animals in their community.

The Humane society or HSSV provides many services for both humans and animals, they needed an inexpensive but effective way to market those services and let people know, both what they can get from the society and also how they can donate to help the society meet their mission of saving and enhancing lives of animals.

Pocket folders provide a perfect solution and allowed HSSV to create a passport to a better life for animals in their community. What had been a mishmash of flyer's, information sheets, and various marketing pieces is now an organized, compact, easy to distribute, marketing package that spreads the word about HSSV while saving them lots of time and money.

               Pocket Folders 

By combining a mini pocket folder with double sided stacked information sheets HSSV is able to combine all their marketing materials into one complete pocket sized package that contains everything customers need to know about the organization.

They also use the pocket folder passport to cross sell services to existing customers and potential donors. Adding a discount coupon to each information sheet  provides an incentive for customers to try new services and expands awareness of everything the organization offers.

Pocket folders create packaging for organizations offering services that don't fit in a package. Companies spend millions on eye catching packaging that increases brand awareness and name recognition; walk down any supermarket isle and you'll see hundreds of brand names and colorful logos competing for attention. If your organization is like HSSV and offers products and services that don't fit in a package, get creative like they did and think about a pocket folder to create a package containing everything clients and potential customers need to know about your company or organization.

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