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4 Critical Things To Know About Promotional USB Flash Drives

Posted by Chris Higgins on Tue, Apr 3, 2012 @ 10:40 AM

Promotional USB flash drives are a great business gift and a fantastic way to promote your brand; with more and more data being transferred electronically they are becoming an indispensable tool that your customers can use over and over again.

Promotional USB Flash drives come in numerous shapes and sizes with lots of decorating options for promoting your business. They can easily be attached to a key chain so clients carry them wherever they go, or you can even get them in the size and shape of a credit card that not only fits in a wallet but gives you lot's of space to print your message and promote your brand.

            Promotional USB Flash Drives

If you're in the market for Promotional USB Flash Drives there are a number of things you need to know to make sure you end up with a quality drive that doesn't let you or your customers down.

The Chip matters, not all chips are the same you need to make sure the flash drives you're ordering come with tier one chips. You can get cheaper promotional flash drives using tier two chips but they're unreliable and you can't promote your brand by giving customers a business tool they can't rely on.

if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Promotional USB Flash Drives have to work, if they don't work they are useless. You need to make sure any USB drive you purchase is coming from a reputable supplier. Almost all flash drives are made in Asia and while there are plenty of reputable suppliers some are questionable and if you're not careful you can up with drives that don't work, or drives that don't have the memory you paid for. Chips are a commodity, all suppliers pay pretty much the same for the chips and they are the most expensive part of the drive. If someone says they can give you the same flash drive for much less than other suppliers watch out something isn't right.

Prices change weekly. Memory chips are the guts of every promotional USB flash drive and memory chips are a pure commodity, the prices fluctuate based on supply and demand constantly. When the Japan earthquake and tsunami hit in March of 2011 the price of chips skyrocketed 50% over supply concerns and chip prices continued to change daily for weeks afterward. When you're in the market for promotional flash drives keep this in mind, if you get a quote this week chances are it's valid for a week or less sometimes only for a couple of days, once you know what you want, lock in the price by placing the order.

The housing matters. Promotional flash drives come in all shapes and sizes; from a standard swivel drive to drives in the shape of a house, a car, or even a Coke bottle. The housing you choose impacts the price particularly if you want some type of custom housing such as a coke bottle. Depending on your budget it may be best to stick with some of the more popular housing options because popularity means volume and volume keeps the prices down.

Promotional USB flash drives are a great promotional gift that your customers and prospects will remember and use. Be educated when buying to ensure the drive is useful for a long time and the memory your customers and potential customers have of your company is a positive one.

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