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3 More Ways to Protect your Printed Business Checks & Documents

Posted by Robin Newton on Mon, May 7, 2012 @ 10:03 AM

In a previous post, we discussed some of the methods that people of a disreputable persuasion often use to alter printed business checks in an attempt to get their hands on money that doesn’t belong to them. We also talked about three security devices that can be included in your custom business checks to thwart these wrongdoers. Today , we introduce you to three more options that can keep you important business documents secure.

Special security papers. There are actually a handful of security features that fall under the umbrella of special security papers. These are features that are built right into the paper itself: optically dead base sheets, fluorescent fibers, true fourdrinier watermarks, and chemical reactive inks and dyes.

Optically dead base sheets and fluorescent fibers glow with a slight blue tint when they’re placed under a UV light. This is a security feature that a villain can’t reproduce by printing or scanning. If the recipient of a check is suspicious about its authenticity, passing it under a UV light can reveal it for what it is: funny money, or the real deal.

Fourdrinier watermarks are true watermarks. By imprinting the mark during the production of the paper, the watermark can be seen from both sides of the check. This is because the paper is slightly thinner in the watermarked area.Printed business Checks

Chemical reactive inks and dyes are another indispensable element of secure checks. Bad guys and gals like to fancy themselves alchemists of sorts; turning stolen checks into a goldmine. Using everything from bleach, acetone, carpet cleaning solutions, and benzene, they’ll do what they can to spot alter or wash a check. Adding chemical reactivity options to your custom business checks means you can foil evil schemes right from the start. These specialized inks and dyes are designed to turn brown, make fluorescent fibers visible without a UV light, and other reactions that alert the recipient to an alteration attempt.

Printed Business ChecksBleed-through numbering. Usually used for sequential check numbers, bleed-through numbering ensures that when your checks are printed, the check number is visible from both the front and back of the check. This makes it virtually impossible for the evildoer to wash out the check number and replace it with one of their own choosing.

Security screened backers make the photocopying or scanning of your business checks impossible. On the back of check with a security screened backer, you will see the words “Original Document.” By scanning or copying the back of a check, these words disappear, alerting a recipient that the check they’re holding is not, in fact, an original document.Printed Business Checks

By using these three options combined – special security papers, bleed-through numbering, and security screened backers – you can be confident that your printed business checks will be tamper proof. You can also conduct your everyday business dealings with confidence, knowing that your custom business checks are safe from the tampering hands of reprobates and wrongdoers.

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