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5 Reasons To Use A Travel Document Folder

Posted by Chris Higgins on Tue, Jul 23, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

When you're handing off documentation to your clients, how are they receiving it?Travel Document Folders
Anyone in any corner of the transportation industry know how much paperwork there is to deal with. Customers usually walk away from your desks with a fistful of folded papers, at the least, and often full envelopes stuffed full of various finely-typed material.

A good travel document folder design can actually be quite beneficial to your business in a number of ways. If you're still handing off documents with plain envelopes, or worse - no protection at all, we've got five good reasons you should consider instead investing in a travel document folder that's been custom-made for your business!

Five Reasons To Explore Travel Document Folder Designs

  1. Reduce Lost Documentation.

Few things can cause more hassle for you or your clients than lost tickets or other documents. Anything put into a travel document folder needs to stay there, or else you're looking at angry phone calls and fees that no one will want to pay. 

If you can stop that from happening, all the better! A strong, reinforced travel document pocket folder will keep all their documents in one place, with easy access. Ultimately, fewer lost papers may add up to fewer lost customers.

  1. Promote Your Services.
These document folders offer plenty of space, both inside and outside, to custom-craft messages that push your own business. From including your logo and motto, to putting in a sales pitch for your business, you can use them to quickly remind your customers of all your products!
This is especially critical if you offer products and services they might want as their journey continues. Ensure they have every phone number they might need to contact you for upgrades, if they have the need.
  1. Answer Frequent Questions
The back section of a travel document organizer is the perfect place to put a list of questions you hear most often. You can shave more dollars off your margins by cutting unnecessary phone calls out of your budget, so give people less reason to call except for sales.
A FAQ section is a win-win proposition for everyone. You get more chance to pass on messages, and your customers get an all-in-one source for questions regarding your services.
  1. Start Affiliate Programs
Much of the travel industry is built on referrals and affiliations. Start your own! Once you're custom-printing your own document folders and other promotional items, you can just as easily use them to promote other people's businesses as well!
If you make deals with local businesses with similar customer bases, you can spread the word about each other . You all win. And you get a bit of an extra boost to your bottom line thanks to the ad document folder
  1. Keep The Adventure Alive

Travel is about adventure and escape and the pleasures of life. Use your travel document folder designs to keep these in your customer's minds! A freewheeling design, or series of inspirational quotations, can be just the thing to remind people of how much more fun they could be having...
...and, of course, how you can help make their dreams come true! 

Travel Document Folders Bring Bang For Your Buck

A basic travel document folder is actually a multipurpose tool, in the right hands. With some custom-crafting and printing, you can have an effective sales tool that also saves you money as long as it's in use! Between the additional advertising space and the potential for reducing preventable calls to your offices, these little folders easily pay for themselves.
From one-pocket envelopes to fully plastic-reinforced eye-catching accordion folders, we can present your documents in the best possible lights. Request a quote to see how affordable these promotional tools can be! 

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