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A Travel Document Folder Can Promote Your Brand

Posted by Chris Higgins on Tue, Aug 20, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

The internet has opened up a vast amount of DIY capability into areas previously done only by specialists. This has caused a loss of business for many companies as more people think they can do a better job than the professionals. While this is a potential problem, it also represents an opportunity to highlight why your business is superior and your fee worth every penny.

This is especially true when it comes to travel agencies, especially those promoting tours and cruises. Anyone can book a flight from Point A to Point B but when someone is on a Caribbean cruise or a bike-tour or Europe, there is a lot which can go wrong for someone not versed in the laws, customs, tariffs and the like.

One tool to help the vacationer is a travel document folder. A seemingly small thing but it can be a great avenue to not only help your client but continually reinforce your brand throughout their trip leaving them with a positive image of your company.

A Going Away Present
On a very basic level, the travel documents folder is there mainly to assist the client in keeping all their valuable travel documents in one place. It's a lot easier keeping track of one folder on-the-go then a myriad of documents, passports, receipts and the like. So right at the beginning, the client is being given something which aids them on their trip. Everyone likes presents and this “small” item adds to the happiness of finally having their vacation become a bit more concrete with tickets and other documents in hand.

One Spot; Many Messages
Obviously the first thing about the travel document folder will be that it has your brand logo on it. The client and others will see it and remember it. Other travelers stuck with their documents scattered through their luggage may very well seek your business out next time they travel.

However your logo is actually the smallest aspect of what it can do for you. As mentioned earlier, a lot of people are going the DIY route when it comes to vacations. Inside the folder you can place targeted and specific information relevant to your client’s trip. Your professional skill will be showcased by having pictures, advice, and guides which will help the client spend more time enjoying their vacation instead of bumbling around in the dark.

Each stop on their itinerary means another check of the travel document folder which just reinforces how useful it has been and thus indirectly how helpful your business has been for them.

Business Partners
This ability to target locations also allows you to partner with other businesses your clients might visit. The internet shrinks global distances and allows this sort of cross-country cooperation. Perhaps you can work out a better deal for your clients in return for booking them at a certain hotel. Dinner specials included in the folder can help out a associated business wanting your client’s business. Major companies do these sort of deals all the time and using travel document folders, the internet and some work, your business can too.

Never Forgotten
People collect a lot of things on vacations. Beyond the pictures, mementos and fond memories, the travel document folder also becomes a convenient place to store those things which might needed for things such as tax purposes. Plus a lot of people will keep it simply as a reminder. That sentiment means after the vacation is done, your client has a ‘business card’ with your company’s logo all over it associated with good times. When vacation time rolls around, you can bet your client will reach for that folder to look up your company again!

So don’t let a client out the door without a branded travel document folder targeted to their specific vacation. Your diligence will be remembered by satisfied clients who will return for repeated business. 

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Customize A Travel Document Organizer To Promote Your Brand

Posted by Chris Higgins on Thu, Aug 8, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

An effective promotional item needs to be useful, and used often by the client or employee to whom it is given. In industries that require frequent domestic or international travel, there are few more useful items than a travel document organizer. This makes it this a highly effective item for use as a promotional product. Frequent travelers often find having a single place to store their airline tickets and passes, ID and credit cards, receipts, and other necessities in an organized and convenient manner makes travel significantly easier and less stressful. A well-designed travel document organizer is even more essential for international trips, when the traveler also needs to keep track of their passport and foreign currency or traveler's cheques. The necessity of such an organizer makes it an ideal tool for business promotion, when done correctly.

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5 Reasons To Use A Travel Document Folder

Posted by Chris Higgins on Tue, Jul 23, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

When you're handing off documentation to your clients, how are they receiving it?
Anyone in any corner of the transportation industry know how much paperwork there is to deal with. Customers usually walk away from your desks with a fistful of folded papers, at the least, and often full envelopes stuffed full of various finely-typed material.

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Tips For Designing An Effective Travel Document Organizer

Posted by Chris Higgins on Sat, Jul 20, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Details matter in the travel industry. With margins often razor-thin, you should be looking for every opportunity to fine-tune and optimize your operations. Something as minor as the travel document organizer design you choose can help shave dollars off your overhead, or add dollars to your upsales.

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