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6 Things A Print Management Solution Must Have To Save You Time And Energy

Posted by Chris Higgins on Tue, Sep 23, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

If you’re the marketing director for a company with multiple locations one of the biggest headaches you face is enforcing corporate identity and brand standards throughout your network of offices.

Invariably individual offices tend to do their own thing when it comes to marketing and collateral material. People in field offices often don’t know where to buy certain collateral, or the appropriate corporate identity standards for simple day to day items like business cards, envelopes, promotional products or product flyers. Everything is last minute in today’s fast paced world, when an office needs something they need it quick and end up going to the closest local source.

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Great Promotional Products Bring Proven Results!

Posted by Chris Higgins on Fri, Jun 27, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

Thanks to the first-ever survey of advertising specialists directly concerning their use of promotional merchandise, the results are in – and they show that branded promotional merchandise is a highly effective marketing strategy in several ways!

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How To Create Printed Mouse Pads Your Customers Will Love

Posted by Chris Higgins on Tue, Sep 3, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Everyone wants their promotional items to end up in everyday use, but it's a constant challenge. The main key is to give away something that's genuinely useful to a customer. I've often noted, for example, how often I see people with branded bottle openers. They're just uncommon enough that once you find a good one, you're likely to hang onto it.

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Survey Finds Consumers Prefer Printed Marketing Materials Over Social Media

Posted by Chris Higgins on Tue, Jul 9, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Online marketing communications--such as email campaigns, social media programs and digital brochures--seem to garner all the media attention when it comes to helping businesses connect with customers in today's competitive environment. But that doesn't mean your business strategy should dismiss the printed word. A well-done marketing brochure, catalog or other printed marketing piece can have big impact on engaging customers and building your brand, according to a new report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Lyris.

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13 Reasons An Accordion Folder Might Be Perfect For Your Business

Posted by Chris Higgins on Wed, Jun 26, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

Are you looking for an affordable, high-quality way to package materials meant for the hands of leads, prospects, and customers?

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Why You Should Print Custom Calendars Now

Posted by Jody Raines on Wed, Jul 13, 2011 @ 12:04 PM

It's the midst of summer and the last thing you are thinking about is New Years Eve, but from a business marketing perspective, perhaps now is the time you should be planning ahead?  Not where to go to celebrate, but instead, printing custom calendars for your staff, your business associates, potential customers or current customers. 

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3 Rules For Logo Use In Printing And Branding

Posted by Jody Raines on Thu, Jun 9, 2011 @ 10:25 AM

Printing the next brochures may be on the agenda, but before they are printed there is the design that must be taken into consideration.  The content is written, and you have a rough layout, but there are three principals of color that must be taken into consideration.

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10 Creative Ways To Use QR Codes To Promote Your Business

Posted by Jody Raines on Fri, May 13, 2011 @ 17:15 PM

QR or quick response codes are an excellent way to help customers find your information.  When scanned with the camera on a smart phone, and using the application, the black and white square becomes a gateway to a website or contact information.  Since you determine where the QR code directs your customer, it's up to you what the person who scans the code will receive after scanning. 

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Improve The Effective Value Of Promotional Items With QR Codes

Posted by Jody Raines on Wed, Apr 27, 2011 @ 12:28 PM

What's all the fuss about QR or Quick Response codes and how do these black and white graphic images help promote business?  

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Earth Day: Think Green When it Comes To Promo Items!

Posted by Jody Raines on Fri, Apr 22, 2011 @ 10:51 AM

Today is Earth Day, a day to celebrate Mother Nature and ponder what we can do as individuals or businesses to help the planet earth. What does this have to do with promotional items?  There are so many choices these days.  Why not make your choices count when it comes to selecting items to promote your business?

There are many reasons that being green and using recycled materials makes sense.  Not only does it help the environment, it also resonates with customers and can help to position your company as responsible and committed to conservation.

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