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Custom folders; keep your brand in the clients hand

Posted by Chris Higgins on Wed, Feb 4, 2009 @ 20:15 PM

Custom folders are used by many businesses to package information about their company, and in many cases to package their actual product. Whether its a standard presentation folder, a custom document folder, a three panel legal presentation folder, or even a small specialized custom folder, they all send a message about the company giving it out. Custom folders present a professional image and remind clients and prospects of all the services available. the reason they are used so much is that they are an effective marketing and advertising tool.

Custom folders take many forms and are used in all kinds of applications; they are far more than the standard 2 pocket 9 x 12 presentation folder most people think of. A custom folder is often used to package a product and keep the brand in front of the customer while reminding the the client of services provided and other important information.

Think about the last time you checked into a hotel, chances are they handed you the room key in a custom folder. this mini custom folder is specially designed to hold the room key while providing you important information about your stay. It prominently displays the hotel logo and is printed with important information about the hotel services etc. Why have they spent the extra money on this custom folder when you've already bought the room? The same reason Starbucks prints their name and logo on every napkin that ultimately will end up in the trash; to the keep their name in front of the customer at every opportunity. 

The front desk at the hotel could just hand you a key card without the custom folder to package it, but then they'd miss the chance to reinforce their professional image and advertise other hotel services.  Some hotels get real creative and sell advertising space to local businesses so they can attract out of town guests. they use the front of the key card folder to promote the hotel and the back to provide a discount coupon to a local attraction, its a winning formula for everyone.

Custom folders do more than help you stay organized, and present a professional image, they allow you to keep your brand in your clients hand and reinforce your professional image. Don't forget about the custom part ,as the hotel key card folder illustrates a custom folder can be used in many creative ways.

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