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Pocket Folders Don't Bite; Bugs Do

Posted by Jack Valentine on Wed, Nov 4, 2009 @ 13:05 PM

On Flickr, the popular photo-sharing Website, a Pittsburgh artist known as "Mleak" has done some remarkably innovative work with corporate logos. She's taken the unprecedented step of turning live insects into promotional merchandise!

Will promotional advertising eventually even include corporate logos on insects?

Mleak calls her work "parasitic advertising," and her intention is to release these branded insects back into the wild -- presumably to influence humans and other insects.

Astoundingly, the paint jobs are real and not some Photoshop trick. Here's the artist revealing her secret:

"Depending on the insect, I put it in the fridge for 5-15 minutes. They're cold-blooded, so that slows them down, though it only gives me a minute or two to work before they start reviving, so I usually have to put them in a few different times before I'm done."

Will promotional advertising eventually include putting corporate logos on insects?

Appropriately, the above work is called the "VW Beetle."

Obviously, Mleak does not make her promotional insects to advertise Fortune 500 companies. We're speculating that she's making some kind of artistic statement about the pervasiveness of corporations in our everyday lives. We also wonder if PETA or any other animal rights group has confronted her about her hobby.

Nonetheless, while parasitic advertising is cool and unusual, it's not an effective way for a company to promote their brand.

Can you imagine the response of customers who are approached with logo-decorated insects?  Depending on the breed, we think their first instinct would be to pull out the can of bug spray.

Ideally, when you invest the money to put your logo in front of as many eyeballs as possible, you'll be better off if the medium is practical -- an everyday item people naturally use.

A pocket folder is a perfect vehicle for packaging corporate information, it's designed to your specifications, it presents the message you want to present, and it provides a professional, organized package for your collateral material.

Pocket folders are an effective way to present your message to a captive audience.  They're perfect for mortgages, refinancing and other real estate/legal paperwork!

Wonder if Mleak's painting skills will eventually progress to the point where she can put your company logo on a mosquito?

In that light, here's one thing we promise you. Our pocket folders will never ever bite!


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