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Presentation Folders; Promote Your Brand Every chance you get

Posted by Chris Higgins on Thu, Apr 29, 2010 @ 10:53 AM

My son is twelve years old, we recently went on a sailing vacation, on the second day he asked "hey dad what's Lewmar, are they a company that makes a bunch of stuff for boats?" He'd never heard of Lewmar and unless you spend a lot of time around boats chances are you haven't either, now he knows the company and what they do because they engrave their name on all their products. this is one of the keys to creating a brand put your name where people will see it and remember it.

Presentation folders are an inexpensive and effective way to put your name where people will see it. These days every transaction includes lot's of documents, from instruction manuals, to spec sheets, contracts to legal documents, sales sheets to quotes and FAQ sheets, almost any kind of document you can think of. Use a presentation folder or document folder to package these documents, give them to customers and your brand continues to grow.

      Presentation folders promote your brand        Presentation folders promote your brand

Retailers use this strategy all the time walk into any mall and look at the bags people are carrying around. Everyone of them is emblazoned with a retailers name and logo, ultimately the bag will end up in the trash at someone's home, but until it gets to it's final resting place  it does the job of promoting the brand by keeping the name where people will see it.

It's simple really keep your name, logo, brand in front of as many people as possible and keep it there as long as possible; it will be remembered and your name recognition and brand will grow. Whether it's a presentation folder, a document holder, a desk pad calendar, or a personalized usb drive, each time you put the brand where people will see it, the brand continues to grow. If you question whether this strategy works walk into a Starbucks and ask yourself why they bother to imprint their color logo on every napkin in the store.

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