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Study Confirms Print & Promotional Advertising More Effective Than TV

Posted by Chris Higgins on Tue, Mar 20, 2012 @ 09:15 AM

Marketers have known for years both print and promotional advertising are effective mediums that drive results but it's always been assumed that neither print nor promotional products have the persuasive effect of television advertising. A recent study disproves that notion and confirms that promotional advertising by itself outranks television and that when promotional products are combined with either print or television the results are even better..

The study was performed in a controlled environment using statistical techniques and scientific methodology. It utilized the significant demographic group of ages 18 to 34 years old, the hardest for marketers to reach and explored the following:

  1. How effective the promotional merchandise is when compared to print advertising and television.
  2. What the effects of promotional products are when they are used in conjunction with the other two media.
  3. Which medium do consumers prefer to find information about a brand or product.

The Method Used

Participants in the study were provided with three forms of advertising, print, promotional products and television. They then completed a detailed questionnaire to measure perceptions of the three forms of advertising.

The Results

While the print ad came in first overall, the promotional product outperformed television across the board.

Respondents preferred advertising through a promotional product to the television ad in terms of their positive attitudes toward the ad (41% to 18%), positive attitude toward the product (20% to 16%), message credibility (54% to 33%), purchase intent (25% to 17%) and referral value (26% to 16%).

In some instances, the use of a promotional product as the ad medium alone achieved maximum impact , up to 69% in increasing brand interest and 84% in creating a good impression of the brand.

In all cases integrating the promotional product with a TV commercial and print advertisement proved more effective than the use of promotional products alone, or TV commercials and print advertisements in combination.

This is great news for B2B marketers especially those targeting a particular niche. Often the best options available to these marketers are print and promotional products because TV, radio, and other mass media are not targeted to their niche. With this data they can be even more confident that their money is well spent.

Tips for choosing the right promotional product for your marketing programs

  1. Keep the target audience in mind.
  2. Choose a product that will be used frequently and for a long time. such as deskpad calendars, mouse pads, or promotional mugs
  3. give something useful that will be used and appreciated or something unusual that will be talked about.
  4. Give something that will be seen by others.

Promotional Products

No matter which promotional product you choose, with an 84 percent positive impression result, it is very likely that success will follow you and your brand.

For details on the study click the link:

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