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5 Ways Accordion Folders Enhance Your Brand

Posted by Jane Morway on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 @ 09:20 AM

Businesses spend large sums of money to create a brand image and stay "top of mind" with their customers and prospects. Promotional products can be a very effective way to achieve that if it's the right product in the right context. But many businesses, especially those that provide a lot of information and documentation to their customers have found custom accordion folders can be a perfect packaging solution that keeps their business "top of mind" while achieving other objectives as well

Customized accordion folders are used more and more by businesses to leave information with consumers before or after the provision of goods and services. These expanding files are customized and every time they are used reinforce your businesses goods or services in their mind.

 Here are 5 ways various businesses use custom accordion folders to improve their image, while providing customers with a useful organization tool that keeps their logo and brand "top of mind" for a long time to come.

1. Property management companies use custom accordion folders or expanding files to give new tenants detailed information about their new apartment and everything in it. 

Using custom tabs, information such as appliance instructions and warrenty's, building rules and regulations, parking policies, copies of the executed lease, security information and building guidelines are included in a colorful high impact custom accordion folder that also includes business card sleeves for all important contacts. the client ends up with a neat organizational tool that highlights the logo, brand and contact information for the management company.

2. Many large accounting firms have switched from giving clients copies of their documents in a top 2-prong file to giving them their tax returns and supporting documents in customized accordion folders. When documents are provided to clients in a clasped format, a single document is difficult to locate and copy. Often, once the clasp is removed, documents for these tax years are scattered and lost. An accordion folder allows clients to look at the tabs find the schedule or form they need, copy it, and easily replace the original back in the file. Every time the client goes to the accordion folder s/he is reminded of the accounting firm that prepared the tax return.

3. Hospitals use custom accordion folders to provide patients with a branded organization tool for their extensive medical records and important health information which can lead to better patient ratings which are becoming more important in the ultra competitive world of health care.     Accordion Folder

One hospital used a plastic accordion folder to create a complete discharge kit for patients leaving the hospital. They found that readmissions caused by patients having difficulty with aftercare instructions were costing them a fortune. If the discharge kit keeps just one patient from being readmitted it will them as much as $40,000. 

4. Colleges and Universities use custom accordion files to create a complete orientation kit for new students. When new students arrive for the first time they are given a ton of information not only about the school but also the town and the area. When it's provided in a professional organized document package it makes it easy for the new students to refer to it over and over again. It also impresses the parents who are often footing the bill and reassures them that their money is well spent.Accordion Folders

5. Management consulting companies have a perfect marketing opportunity at the end of an assignment to leave for key executives and board members a copy of their report in customized expanding files, Including the project need, guidelines, final report, recommendations and exhibits. These make it easy for referring to these report sections after the consultants leave and the work product is being carried out.

Accordion folders are an inexpensive, significant and memorable document package that will keep your brand "top of mind" for a long time to come.

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