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5 Awesome Promotional Gifts That Pay Marketing Dividends

Posted by Chris Higgins on Mon, Apr 16, 2012 @ 09:52 AM

When you allocate a part of your business's valuable marketing budget to promotional products you want to spend wisely, choosing promotional merchandise that will deliver the greatest possible return and provide your company with maximum exposure.

One sure way to maximize the impact is to choose practical, promotional products that are sure to be used – and often – by their intended recipients. The more practical they are, the more likely promotional products will play a regular role in your customers' and potential customers' routines so you'll always be at the top of their mind and out in front of the people they interact with.

Here are five promotional products that rank high in practicality and return on your marketing investment:

  • Printed tote bags and reusable grocery totes. Every family shops for groceries. And more shoppers are becoming environmentally aware, avoiding plastic grocery bags that are not biodegradable and pollute the environment. Printed tote bags bearing your name and logo will offer your customers a practical way to take action themselves as you positively position your company as a business that cares. That message will be repeated every time they carry one of your printed tote bags on a shopping trip. And as walking billboards, they'll pass your message on to fellow shoppers

                                             Printed Tote bags

  • Promotional USB flash drives. They're handier than CDs and DVDs for holding important electronic text documents and photos and for transferring data from one computer to another, at work or home, over and over. They come in a wide range of shapes, perfectly suited to a wide range of businesses. They're small enough to clip onto a key chain, and you can pair flash drives with lanyards to make them even easier to carry around and provide yourself another opportunity to display your brand to the world.

                                        Personalized USB Flash Drives

  • Personalized Mousepads. Just like flash drives, mousepads are an essential part of every business and home office. And since most businesses place their orders on line today, what better place to display your logo and web address than on the mousepad on which your customers mouse over to click their orders. You can make mousepads even more practical by printing a calendar on them or providing a way for recipients to customize them with a personal photograph.

                        Printed Mouse Pads

  • Promotional Mugs and tumblers..Quality mugs and tumblers also become a valued part of the workaday routine, from home and car to the office and back.

                                        Personalised mugs

  • Flashlights. Customers will thank you for the gift of light. Flashlights are taken for granted until you're without one. They're the perfect, practical gift for home, office and car.

                                        Promotional Flashlight

Remember: The gift that keeps on giving for your customers will keep on giving for you.



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