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Presentation Folders; 5 tips before ordering

Posted by Chris Higgins on Sun, Feb 22, 2009 @ 19:22 PM

Presentation folders are a great way to promote your business and present a professional image, to make sure your presentation folders have the impact you want keep these 5 tips in mind before ordering your custom presentation folders.

Get the right size. A standard size presentation folder is 9 x12 but if you're investing in a custom folder you can get any size you want. For many applications a legal size folder makes sense and in other cases a mini folder is the way to go. There are many standard size variations available at no extra cost for example you can choose from a 9" or 9 1/2  wide presentation folder in either regular size or legal size and that 1/2 inch may make a big difference depending on how your customers will use the folder.

Get the right number of pockets. Do you need two pockets or is a single pocket enough, for that matter maybe you need three pockets in which case a tri-fold presentation folder may be the way to go. Think about what you plan to put in the folder and how the customer may use it, if a single pocket is enough then the cost should be less, a single pocket means less material and less material means less cost.

Think about what goes inside. Again it's important to think about how the folder will be used, the last thing you want is to invest in a professional presentation folder to enhance your image, only to have the contents fit improperly and ruin the presentation. Think about expanding pockets or even box pockets if you plan to put a lot of material in the folder. another option is a spine so the folder expands at the spine as additional material is added.

Choose the right paper. This ties in with the image you want to project and the other printed material you already use. There are numerous paper stocks available from glossy to matte finish, to rich linen textured stocks. Choose the right paper, based on the image you are trying to project and the other corporate identification material you already use.

Match your other printed material. Some businesses may be tempted to create a full color presentation folder with lot's of photographs, images and color. It will look great but does it match the other printed marketing material you already use? Maybe a solid color with a prominent logo, a linen paper stock with a foil stamp, or even  a clean white folder with a logo and contact information is a better match for the image you already have.

A presentation folder is a marketing piece you'll proudly give to customers and prospects, use these 5 tips to ensure it provides the highest impact and return on investment.

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