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Real Estate Folders Keep Buyers And Sellers Organized

Posted by Chris Higgins on Thu, Sep 19, 2013 @ 07:00 AM

A real estate transaction is a complex and often confusing undertaking; even among Real Estate Foldersprofessionals with years in the industry, few people would characterize the process of completing a real estate sale as "simple." Even the most basic transaction entails a profusion of papers and documents that must be filled out, signed, submitted, or otherwise kept track of at each stage of the process. Sales can be delayed or entirely derailed by misplacing a single critical document. That's why quality real estate folders customized with your company's brand logo and details play such a vital role in the transaction process: they allow you to package those important documents in a neat and organized manner for business partners and clients, reducing the likelihood of a mishap and making the transaction process easier to manage for all concerned. There are a few key advantages to presenting documents in branded real estate folders.

Presenting a Professional Image

At any given meeting with a client, they are likely to receive a sizable stack of documents, paperwork, brochures, and related materials from you or your representative. In addition to the basic deeds and mortgages, there are also inspection reports, settlement sheets, title report, purchase and sale agreements, truth in lending documents, easement documents, land records, offer sheets, and a variety of tax records that a buyer or seller needs to keep track of in order to complete the transaction smoothly. Sometimes these will come individually, but often they will be presented several documents at a time. At no point should the client actually be handed a stack of paperwork; not only would this increase the chance of the client being unable to find an important document when it is needed, it simply looks unprofessional and messy. Instead, you can put the entire pile into a neatly sorted folder for an attractive and businesslike presentation.

Facilitating a Smooth Transaction

Many types of real estate folders are available, from basic two-pocket folders to larger legal-size folders for closing documents, but a sturdy accordion folder is often the best choice to manage and sort a higher volume of paperwork throughout the life of the transaction. A major advantage of accordion-style real estate folders is the ability to customize the pocket tab labels, creating sections for documents pertaining to each stage of the sale process or each type of document involved. By choosing a labeling scheme that is intuitive and tailored for the kinds of transactions your company participates in most often, you will make it simpler for your client to find exactly what they need right away, increasing their confidence in their transaction with you and reducing the odds of a snag in the process.

Reinforcing Your BrandReal Estate Folder

While any generic, blank folder can contain documents easily enough, customizing the real estate folders in which you present documents to clients with your brand logo and company information carries some added advantages. First is the simple and time-honored marketing strategy of reinforcement by repetition: every time your client does any work involving the transaction, they reach for the folder with your company's name and logo proudly emblazoned on it, further cementing your company in their mind and making them more likely to return to you for future business. Moreover, the more useful your customized folder is in making their work on the sale simpler and more convenient, the more positive feelings the client will have about your company.

The second advantage lies in the other information you are able to place on a customized folder. There is plenty of room on standard-sized real estate folders for your company's contact information, office location and hours of operation, and business specialties. When your client wants to contact you, they need only look at the folder that will never be far from their reach, as it contains all their necessary transaction documents. Customized real estate folders help strengthen your clients' connection to you.

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