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Desk Pad Calendars: Prime Advertising for Free (Well, Almost)

Posted by Jack Valentine on Thu, Apr 8, 2010 @ 06:27 AM

Imagine that your favorite clients, the ones who keep giving you repeat business, gave you permission to put a giant promotional billboard in their offices -- reminding them to call you.

Well, in many cases, you not only have permission, but your advertising will be wholeheartedly welcomed.  Amazingly, you only have to pay for the billboard and not the advertising space itself!

Despite the popularity of BlackBerries and computer calendar programs, nothing keeps employees more focused than a desk pad calendar. It's more personal than a computer screen, won't crash if the power or Internet goes down, and gives you a quick visual overview of everything on your plate.

Plus, it's a giant doodle pad, giving employees a place to jot down phone numbers and password reminders (encrypted, of course) they always want to be in front of them.

This Oregon title company went one step further and gave its real estate clients a handy directory of municipal phone numbers and zip codes that are used every day.  Give away a useful promotional item to your clients and they honestly won't even see it as intrusive advertising.

Desk pad calendars are like a free billboard in your client's office all year long

Handsome desk pad calendars are mounted on thick, heavy cardboard and reinforced with durable plastic corners to keep everything neat and tidy. You can customize them with 4 colors and they print for much less than you might think. Photographs and vibrant colors will really make your desk pad calendar stand out.

So what do you want your theme to be?   This same title company's California office opted to combine American patriotism with a handy chart of their rates. First American's bald eagle logo seems to be a logical fit with the Stars & Stripes.

Desk pad calendars are like a free billboard in your client's office all year long

Customizing your promotional calendar offers a wide range of creative opportunities for layout. Check out how this title company utilized the empty calendar boxes to showcase vibrant photographs.

If you are a real estate agent who specializes in luxury homes, why not fill these boxes with some of the properties you have sold over the past year?  If you sell life insurance policies, these spots are perfect for family photos of grandparents and grandchildren, weddings, birthday parties and life cycle events.

Desk pad calendars are like a free billboard in your client's office all year long

Savvy marketers seize every opportunity to put their brand in front of their customers. In addition to reminding clients who their service rep is, Stewart Title also gives them a solid reason to want to keep this calendar on the desk over any other.  It has convenient reminders for when the courthouses are closed and monthly deadlines for refinancing.

Customers appreciate when you cater to their specific needs and don't treat them as a generic revenue source. Customizing your desk pad calendars by industry makes a lot of marketing sense.

Desk pad calendars are like a free billboard in your client's office all year long

Embracing its Florida location, this agency chose to embrace a cheery disposition. But it also good-naturedly acknowledges the disadvantages of living in the Sunshine State -- especially from an insurance perspective.

The rainy months of April, May and June include reminders to check up on flood insurance coverage and tips on preparing for Hurricane Season!

Desk pad calendars are like a free billboard in your client's office all year long

Right now is actually Calendar Buying Season as many sales staffs like to hand out new desk pad calendars in the fall. Often you can find early order discounts for promotional calendars, which offer a phenomenal return on investment considering they provide nonstop -- but subtle and unobtrusive -- advertising for your business.

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