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Travel Document Holders: Help To Retain Travel Agency Clients

Posted by Jody Raines on Tue, Feb 15, 2011 @ 19:27 PM

Travel document folders, luggage tag holders, and passport folios are not expensive, yet theytravel document folder, travel document holder can make a big difference in the presentation of documents to your travel agency clients.

It’s a difficult economic time, isn’t it?  Your travel agency clients may not be traveling as much as they had been before, and the competition for the travel business has increased.  Websites offer deals, there are emails with specials and yet, you have to compete.

One way to differentiate your travel service from the online stores is through personal service.  Meeting with your clients face to face is an advantage that the impersonal online stores won't be able to match.  Another way to impress your clients is by making every point in their travel experience one of quality. 

Giving the travel documents to the client can be a non-event, or it can be impressive. Travel document holders seem like such a simple item, yet they can actually help grow your business.  The idea of a passport holder, or travel document keeper, being used to increase business stems from the fact that you are presenting the documents in a folder that is imprinted with your company information, and you are guaranteed that every time they are used, your information is again being seen. 

Another item that can make the difference with your travel clients are luggage tags.  These days, luggage is an expensive item, since most airlines are now charging for each bag.  A gift of luggage tags to your clients will involve you in their journey.  Especially a nice leather luggage tag will represent the quality of your service.

As a travel agent, you know that many of your clients come from referrals.  That means someone was talking about what a great job you did finding the best price or booking the best trip.  So, how do you increase that business? Doing those little extra nice things that create a positive impression begins with your customer feeling that they got a good value.  A little touch like a passport folder or document holder gets your name in the hands of your clients during their travels. You can use a custom branded document holder to provide your clients with all their travel needs.

Once they have booked the trip,  put together a nice packet of all their vital information: Who to call for emergency, details of the itinerary, etc.  Don’t forget to include several of your business cards, as well.  Keep in mind that each time a client pulls these documents from a bag, your travel agency name and brand will be clearly shown on the passport or document holder.  

It’s fairly common, especially on guided tours, to be asked who you booked through.  Providing your clients extra business cards in their travel document keeper will allow them to provide your information, as well.  In essence, giving away a branded item not only opens up the door for a conversation about your travel agency and service, but continues to do so each time clients use the product.  

With the right travel agency promotional item to keep travelers organized, your travel agency will never be left behind!

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