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An Accordion Folder Help Banks, Credit Unions Grow their Brands

Posted by Chris Higgins on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 @ 07:00 AM

In general, any time you have an opportunity to come in contact with a customer, that’s an branded Accordion Folderopportunity to build your brand and build the relationship you have with that customer.  One of the best ways to satisfy customers and build your own reputation as a helpful resource is by identifying a problem and then offering a simple – preferably free – solution.

Banks and credit unions come in contact with customers every time a new loan is written, when an account is opened or upgraded, and many other times over the life of an average account. Each of those times is an opportunity to grow your brand and make your customers a little more satisfied with your services. How? First, identify the problem: Most processes, including loans and account openings, involve a considerable amount of paperwork that the customer must then store. Next, the solution: offering an affordable but highly versatile accordion folder stamped with your bank or credit union’s name and contact information provides the customer with a simple way to keep their documents in one easy-to-access place – and it emphasizes your willingness to make their lives easier.

New accounts

  • Include paperwork about the account’s features as well as information about additional account services which may not be included in the client’s own account but which may be available at a different account level.
  • Include “starter” checks and deposit slips.
  • Include a list of important numbers to make it easy for the client to get in touch with the bank in case of a problem.
  • Include a sheet with information about how to log in to their account and use online features.
  • Include information about automatic deposits, bill-paying services, debit cards and any other beneficial features of the account.
  • Inquire if the client is new to the area, and if they are, include a few “extras” like brochures or other materials from the local chamber of commerce, a simple, fold-out map of the area, a list of local markets or restaurants and other documents that will help your clients settle in and feel more at home. This type of brand-building helps you create feelings of trustworthiness and dependability, and it also underscores your role in the community and portrays your bank or credit union as one which values long-term, helpful relationships.

Existing accounts

  • An accordion folder is a great “freebie” item for an existing and loyal customer with one or more accounts with your bank. Consider offering a long-term client with an accordion folder every five years on the anniversary of their relationship with your bank or credit union. Include a thank-you note signed by bank or board members along with helpful information about other account services in which they may be interested.

Loan documentsAccordion Folder

  • Accordion folders are the ideal way to present loan documents to your customers. The individual pockets make it easy for customers to keep all the required documents organized and easy to retrieve.
  • Remind customers that their folder is also a great place to store tax documents and warranty information for furnaces, water systems, water heaters, HVAC systems and more.

Cross-selling additional products

  • Today, most banks and credit unions offer a variety of products. An accordion folder is the ideal place to provide information about these services, with each service in its own pocket.
  • Include contact information along with each service so the client knows the person with whom they should speak if they’re interested in adding a service or product.
  • If a product or service is offering a sign-up bonus, make sure to include a sheet with that information in the folder, either in the pocket with the specific service or product information or in a separate pocket marked “To Read Now” to help ensure offers are not overlooked.
  • If your bank offers accounts for children, teens, students or seniors, be sure to include information about all of these products. Even if the client does not have children, students or seniors in their household, they may pass these offers on to other potential customers.

Everyone wants to be organized, but most people aren’t sure how to go about it. Offering customers a free accordion folder is a powerful way to ensure they view your bank or credit union as a helpful partner in their lives.

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